Wellbeing in South Ostrobothnia

Be very well in Ostrobothnia!

Want to experience the most Finnish area in Finland? Come and check South Ostrobothnia, the part of Finland where well-being is an essential of the culture. It’s said that the area is a bit like Scotland to Britain: original in its culture, independent and proud as to its attitude and colourful in its history. Oh, and the language, of course; if you think that Scots have a distinct accent, come and hear how the locals talk here. The pride and attitude ring through the spoken word, even if you don’t understand a word of Finnish. South Ostrobothnians place well-being first - and it shows.

South Ostrobothnia is famous for being close to nature, regardless of the destination. The vast flatlands are awe-inspiring and easy on the eye, and the peace and quiet of nature surrounds the traveller everywhere. There are more options for enjoying your holiday than you can throw your stick at, from Nordic Walking amidst the vast fields to experiencing a smoke sauna – or even a peat sauna for the daring ones. This is Finland at its best, so why not go Finnish all the way?

These pages provide you with heaps of quality information (yes, heaps – the locals here traditionally believe in quantity as well as quality) about South Ostrobothnia’s well-being services, from feel good packages to the well-being of the body and mind, not forgetting options for those who prefer an active holiday.

Get to know our services and find your own way of feeling well in South Ostrobothnia. We wish you a pleasant stay!