Vauhtiajot Race & Rock Festival

Vauhtiajot Race & Rock Festival



Vauhtiajot Race & Rock Festival in Seinäjoki is the biggest street race festival in Finland. The summer event attracted about 20,000 visitors in the first year, and it reached a peak of 50,000 visitors in 2012, gaining a rightfully deserved place in the top three summer events in Southern Ostrobothnia.

The festival was brought back to life in 2004, and music was added to complement the motorsport races. The result is a unique festival not only in Finland, but also in the whole world.

With every year going by, the Race & Rock Festival increases its popularity abroad, particularly in the Scandinavian Peninsula, attracting a large number of competitors, even up to 180 in the same year. The Finnish Motorsport Organization acknowledged the event to be the best motorsport competition in 2004 and the best track competition in 2008.

Seinäjoki’s Race & Rock Festival is be a great combination of Finnish and international rock and popstars and fast cars. This is an event you don’t want to miss!



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