The Tangomarkkinat Festival in Seinäjoki

The Tangomarkkinat Festival


Seinäjoki Tango Festival


Seinäjoki Tango Festival


The Tangomarkkinat Festival in Seinäjoki takes place every year in Seinäjoki since 1985. It lasts for about a week during the month of July, usually from Wednesday to Sunday. Over 100,000 people come from everywhere in Finland and all over the world to attend this Festival and another 1.5 million fans follow it on TV. This is a big number considering that the population of Finland is around 5.5 million people.

It is a great experience to be at the Tangokatu (tango street) and feel the excitement of people. They are dancing from late afternoon until the morning hours. Couples have the chance to be reunited, beginners to learn and practice the basic steps and friends to have a lot of fun. It is hard even to get tired because the sun goes down after 11 pm, there is daylight almost all night long and high-quality entertainment program guaranteed.

The Kisa-Areena arena hosts, among other things, the exhiting final of the tango singing contest, culminating inthe crowning of the Tango King and the Tango Queen. The winners receive much domestic media attention and often recording contracts as well as the chance to have their own shows at the Tango Festival in the following years.

Besides the opportunity to dance and the Tango Royalty contest, another purpose of this Festival is to show new ways to tango and to erase the idea that tango means only one style, the traditional one. Tango specialists say that this can certainly have many other ways and many innovations, such us combining Finnish Folk and Tango, or Jazz and Tango, electronic Tango and so on. It is for sure an evolutionary art that changes with time and all the surrounding influences. It is impossible to ever get bored of it because of its infinitive ways of creating it.


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