"Great Ostrobothnians"



The Great Ostrobothnians' fathers built large red two-story wooden houses just to show their so-called greatness to their neighbours - nowadays the Great Ostrobothnians set up shopping malls in the middle of a field and call it "the village shop", or build spectacular amusement parks and carting centres in their back yards.

The wide plains of Ostrobothnia make it easy to breathe here - the sky is up high and the horizon far away. Only the rivers flowing towards the Gulf of Bothnia restrict the view of the countryside.  Come and visit the tourist attractions, market places or shopping malls in the city centre. Or take a turn on smaller countryside roads to explore the nature of Ostrobothnia and verdant fields. Or get to know genuine Ostrobothnians who are in fact very friendly and hospitable!




Guide Services



Book a guide and take a tour in Seinäjoki city or the surrounding countryside area. Our city guides are specialized for example in presenting you our unique Aalto Centre consisting of six buildings designed by world-famous architect Alvar Aalto. Guide services in Seinäjoki are provided in Finnish, Swedish, English, German and French and in the surrounding area mainly in Finnish, English or Swedish.

We can organize you or your group a memorable theme tour consisting of Ostrobothnian specialities; architecture, parks and gardens, history, "Seinäjoki in a nutshell", typical Finnish housing environment and way of living etc.

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