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Onnentähden kauppakatu


If you are interested in shopping, there are plenty of opportunities in the area. You can start in Tuuri, at ‘The VillageShop’ (Veljekset Keskinen in Finnish), the second largest shop in sales in Finland. This mall is very particular, it consists of different units all put together: a department store, a food store, and a garden store. Gradually, the shopping mall has become surrounded by different stores that form the whole village. Over 60 enterprises do business in the vicinity of the mall, such as clothes shops, car dealerships, a liqueur store, a pharmacist’s, a jewelry store, an optician’s, a travel agency, a private clinic, a miniature golf track and a labyrinth world. The VillageShop sells over 250 000 different products which surely meet the needs of each and every customer.

In Seinäjoki you can find at least two large shopping centres: Torikeskus and Epstori. There you can find clothes, accessories, jewelry, and more from international top brands such as Lindex, KappAhl, Moda Aukia, United Colors of Benetton, and Jim & Jill, as well as local Finnish brand, as Pentik for example.

Information on market areas you can find here.

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