Self-Drive Family Holiday in South Ostrobothnia

Discover South Ostrobothnia through its nature, see sights and large activity assortment for entire family! Receive unforgettable experience of magic immersion to the world of true Finnish lifestyle, traditions and outdoor activities.

Välimaa mökki

Ähtäri karhu puussa

Ähtäri panda




When you are planning your trip to the North or West part of Finland, don’t forget about the stopover in South Ostrobothnia. Why? Because your family trip will be more bright, rich and interesting. Short visit to South Ostrobothnia with spending 5 night is a wonderful possibility to experience real West Finland - forgetting time and living according to nature´s rhythm. You also might surprise, how many attractive and exciting places you will find here during your stay.

An axample of package price:
EUR 1585 / family (2 adults + 2 children aged 2-12 years)

The price includes:

- 4 night accommodation
- sauna evening and barbecue at the arrival day
- a day in the Ähtäri Zoo, Panda house and Ähtäri Zoo Farm
- nature and adventure services of Kipinäkota in the Family outdoor day
- a day in the Powerpark amusement park (4 x day ride pass)
- guided walking tour in Aalto Centre and Apila library (30 – 60 min.)

Additional services:

- the car rental in South Ostrobothnia
- riverboat cruise (Lappajärvi, Seinäjoki)
- arranging of outdoor/indoor activities during your stay
- Ähtäri Zoo Flowpark tickets
- bicycle rent
- extra nights
- meals


A variety of the accommodation possibilities in South Ostrobothnia are wide – from high-quality hotels and cottages to the nice camping and lovely traditional farmhouses.

Additional information:

Duration: 5 night / 6 days
Group size: family (2 adults + 2-3 children aged 2-12 years)
Location: West coast, Seinäjoki, Finland
Theme: Outdoor Finland

Season 2018 and 2019:

Availability: from May until March

More information and enquiries, book online:

Etelä-Pohjnamaan Matkailu Oy /
South Ostrobothnia Tourist Service Ltd
Valtionkatu 1, FI-60100 SEINÄJOKI
Tel. +358 (0)6 420 9090

Getting There:

By rail / bus:
There are several train and bus connections daily. For example, the fastest train connection takes you from Helsinki to Seinäjoki in only 2 hours 40 minutes.

By car to Seinäjoki:
- from Helsinki 350 km
- from Tampere 180 km
- from Turku 300 km
- from Kuopio 320 km
- from Jyväskylä 220 km
- from Oulu 340 km
- from Vaasa 80 km

By plane to Seinäjoki:
The closest airport is Vaasa airport


Day 1 – Arrival & Relaxation day
The first day of your stay is dedicated to family relaxation in a peaceful rural area surrounded by the beautiful South Ostrobothnia nature. Depending on your accommodation place and visit period, you will have possibility for boating, fishing, playing traditional Finnish outdoor games as a “mölkky” or picking berries and mushrooms in the forest. You will experience Finnish traditional evening by relaxing sauna and grilling over an open fire.
Don’t forget to shop for groceries in the local village shop.
Program (1/2 day):
- arrival to South Ostrobothnia
- lodging in rural area
- sauna evening and grilling sausages over an open fire and other Finnish BBQ specialties

Day 2 – Ähtäri Zoo & Panda day
Second day is dedicated to exploring the nature and wild animals of Finland with the exotic twist in the Ähtäri Zoo, which houses over 300 animal of Scandinavian forest zone. The most popular zoo animals are bears and endangered animals such as snow leopards, takinies from Himalaya and giant pandas from China. The Zoo is spread in 60 hectares, in a very nice wide natural environment.
NB! check the Zoo's opening hours here.
- a day in the Ähtäri Zoo and Ähtäri Zoo Farm
- back to the lodging in rural area
Additional activities and things to do next to the zoo (not included to the price):
- Flowpark (for adults and kids, aged 7 and up)
- restaurant services in the hotel Mesikämmen
- boat test drive center from the platform of Hotel Mesikämmen (free)
- Ähtäri Zoo Golf

Day 3 – Outdoor day on the shore of Lappajärvi crater lake
This day is dedicated to the family outdoor activities on the shore of Europe's largest crater lake – Lappajärvi lake. Together with family you will have excited guided outdoor program – Crater canoeing. While sailing guide will tell the history and stories about the lake and islands. You will enjoy the Finnish nature at its best – beautiful lake views, countryside scenery and fresh air. There is a plenty of birdlife on the lake, and you will see probably many of them. The canoe and route are suitable for beginners and families. Before the canoe trip starts, guide will brief you on canoeing safety and basic paddling technique.
The Lappajärvi lake is formed from a 23 kilometres wide meteorite impact crater, which is estimated to be 76 million years old. While visiting the lake you can hunt around for bits of Kärnäiitti, a rare rock that was formed by the meteorite’s impact. At the hotel downstairs is a unique meteorite exhibition. There are also other free time activities in the nearby area. For example, walking trails that line lake’s picturesque shores, sandy beach, stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and boat cruise on the lake Lappajärvi.
- departure to Lappajärvi
- lodging in the hotel Kivitippu
- Crater canoeing, 2 h. Inc. guided services, canoe, paddle and life jacket
- relaxation in the sauna and swimming pool of the hotel. NB! open until 8 p.m.

Day 4 – Fun & Adventure day in the Powerpark amusement park
Today you will wonder how crazy, brilliant and entrepreneurial Finns really are. Together with family you will have an adventures day in the Finland’s most imaginative amusement park Powerpark.
Powerpark is the South Ostorobothnian miracle: in the middle of the mythical plains of Ostrobothnia, stands Finland’s largest, most exclusive and the best entertainment centre. One man stands behind Powerpark, Jorma Lillbacka. The area starts to evolve from the visions that Lillbacka got during his trips around the world. In the amusement park you can move from the atmosphere of American Western village to the Austrian Tyrolian milieu and from there to the Italian small-town alley to the fabulous wonderland with Rölli the Troll village. Powerpark is 160 hectares of delight, speed, experiences and activities without age limit. Spinning around, turning upside-down, speed and somersaults, a lot of fun and laugh are guaranteed for whole family.
NB! Amusement park is open only in summer.
- breakfast in the hotel
- a day in the Powerpark amusement park
- back to the hotel Kivitippu
- relaxation in the sauna and swimming pool of the hotel. NB! open until 8 p.m.
Additional activities and things to do next to the Powerpark:
- 5D-movie theatre
- Go-cart Power Palace (indoor)
- Go-cart Mika Salo Circuit (outdoor)
- Road House shopping mall

Day 5– Culture day in Seinäjoki & Departure
This day is dedicated to exploring cultural attractions of Seinäjoki city. Visit an internationally unique architectural complex – Seinäjoki Aalto Centre, designed by Finnish world-famous architect Alvar Aalto, is a MUST when visiting South Ostrobothnia. The best view of this complex is from the observation deck of the Cross of the Plains church bell tower. A specially children will be excited to be at a height of 60 meters. Near the Aalto Centre is a new City Library Apila – another architectural gem of Seinäjoki with fabulous children´s and junior´s sections. Depending on your departure time, you can stay in Seinäjoki longer and e.g. do shopping’s, take a riverboat cruise, go to the local restaurant and taste a savour healthy Finnish cuisine.
• breakfast in the hotel and departure to Seinäjoki
• arrival to Seinäjoki (approx. 85 km from Hotel Kivitippu)
• guided walking tour in the Aalto Centre and Apila library (60 min.)
• depart

 We hold the right to make adjustments and ask you to kindly reconfirm the specific itinerary and pricing directly with the tour provider.