Have you ever thought of eating cheese with some jam on top and coffee aside of it? It is completely normal in South-Ostrobothnia. The so called “bread cheese” is a very common dish in a South-Ostrobothnian kitchen. And how about some blood pancakes or blood sausages? Just to name a few, these specialties sound so unlikely that you’ve just got to try them in order to know whether you love or hate them.

In addition to these specialties, South-Ostrobothnia is full of local food. If you take a look at the view outside of the conurbation, you will find yourself in a sea of fields. These fields that seem to stretch to the horizon bring the locals a big variety of food, for example different kind of grains, potatoes, various vegetables and root vegetables.

All in all – South-Ostrobothnia is a rich and a big experience in the field of food. Whether it is the extraordinary and unusual kind of food that you are searching, or just the most usual food to fill up your belly for an adventure in South-Ostrobothnia, you will find the restaurant you’re looking for from this list.

















Ravintola Juurella

Juurella is located right in the centrum. Their customers praise it for great mood and environment. Stop by and enjoy the gourmet.

Restaurant Juurella



Uppalan Kartano

Great atmosphere and delicious food. Those words were said by many who dined here. Their excellent wine collection and local meals deliver a delightful dining experience.

Uppalan Kartano



Amarillo Seinäjoki

This convenient mexican food restaurant is a perfect place to stop by for a little snack or eliminate starvation (or thirst). Chilly mood, great music and delicious menu guarantee an enjoyable visit.



Coffee House Seinäjoki

Chai latte, marianna mocha, hot chocolate with marshmellows. These special hot drinks, refreshments and many diverse snacks will caress your palate. Perfect place to stop by with friends or grab a take-away morning coffee!

Coffee House


Lakeus Matador

Juicy, ripe steaks, salad, soup and whatnot! Matador prepares its meals with professional touch and sincere heart. Taste and you will see.



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