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Provinssi is one of the largest international music festivals in Finland. It is held in Seinäjoki, a medium-sized town mainly known for Alvar Aalto’s architecture and its summer events. The three day festival takes place in end of June, one week after the Midsummer celebration. Provinssi will kick starts the summer festivities and bring the whole town to life.

The festival was founded in 1979, and is one of the oldest annual music festivals in the Nordic region. It has grown in audience over the years, reaching a record audience of 81,000 visitors in 2011. The success of Provinssi due to the performances of dozens of big international bands and the most popular Finnish bands.

People come to Provinssi from all parts of Finland, more than doubling the city's population for those three days. The visitors are greeted with beautiful nature, a river and a lake near the camping areas. The brave ones who are not afraid of the cold water can also swim and bathe in these waters.

The festival site has been the same since 1979, the Törnävä Festival Park in Seinäjoki. The site is situated about 4 kilometers south of the city center and about 350 kilometers north of Helsinki.


You can find accommodation in the camping areas close to the actual festival area, in hotels or hostels and school accommodation is also available. Either way you choose, it is highly recommended to make a reservation in advance.



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