World-famous architect Alvar Aalto was born in South Ostrobothnia, and has left his imprint on this area with many remarkable creations. We can arrange guide services and arhitecture tours to the buildings designed by Alvar Aalto on our area. We are also happy to spice up your stay here with some local specialities. Here are some examples:

 Guided Walking Tour of the Aalto Centre in Seinäjoki

Guided Walking Tour of the Aalto Centre in Seinäjoki

Book a guide, all the Aalto sites within walking distance of one another
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Finnish Design, Architecture and Handicraft in Seinäjoki
A two days program in Seinäjoki
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The Gems of Aalto's Architecture in Seinäjoki and Alajärvi
Two Aalto cities in two days
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