Experience the traditional Ostrobothnian red houses


 Liinamaan talo

Ostrobothnian red houses are considered to be an excellent example of peasant carpenter skills. They also tell about peasant wealth. The more prosperous the family, the more grand the house was, like the manor houses of their time. A similar phenomenon is unknown elsewhere in Finland or in the world.


The houses are unique pearls in Finnish building heritage. They have been an inspiration for many Finnish artists and background for many early Finnish films. Traditional Ostrobothnian red houses are not just history, they are part of our culture and heritage we want to keep alive. The houses were built in the 18th and 19th centuries especially in Southern and Central Ostrobothnia and on the coast of Ostrobothnia. After 70 years these traditional log houses are build again to this region.


Five destinations are part of Ostrobothnian red house tourism network. The all share a desire preserving the cultural value of these houses and producing unique cultural experiences for tourists.

The Liinamaa Farm is part of The Provincial museum of South Ostrobothnia, located in the beautiful Törnävä museum area in Seinäjoki. The museum is maintained by the city of Seinäjoki and can be visited around the year.

Wanha Markki and its animal sanctuary is open for visitors during the summer time. The sanctuary is family friendly place to visit where you can meet and pet the sanctuary's retired residences. Local artist couple have refurbished  their 19th century home back to its old glory. Their workshops are located in the main building as well as gift shop selling handmade items. Wanha Markki is located in Ylistaro, about 32 km from the centre of Seinäjoki and open for visitors during the summer time.

Yli-Laurosela's House Museum located in Ilmajoki is good example of a wealthy South Ostrobothnian peasant house. The two story main building represents empire style and is protected by The National Board of Antiquities. The coffee shop Edla and the museum is open during the summer time, other times upon request. The house is also a popular event venue. You can also gather a group and get to know the history of the museum house in a room escape game FindOut Yli-Laurosela.  

The Mäntylä Estate in Jurva has been offering accommodation since 1860. Today the rooms can be booked even through Booking.com. The estate has popular venue for different kind of celebrations and events offering tasty traditional local dishes and unique opportunity to try smoke sauna.


The destinations located in Seinäjoki can easily be visited by local bus, bicycle or walking. The destinations located at the surrounding areas are reachable by car, taxi or charter bus.

Seinäjoki is located at the Western part of Finland, about 2,5 h from Helsinki and 1 h from Vaasa by train.


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